Friday, October 22, 2010

HaPPY BiRTHdaY to OUR FaVoRiTe OnE - yEaR oLd!

Birthday pancake with morning bedhead!
Enjoying a day at the park.
Carter brand new! :)

Happy Birthday to Carter Everett Browning!! He such a little cutie!

Here are some fun facts about our Carter-Boy (A.K.A Squeaky):

*has chubby, soft, irresistable cheeks
*likes to wave
*knows the sounds to the letters: a,c, and s. When he does the "ssss" he has a little lisp. Very cute!
*follows his brother around
*loves music
*talks/jabbers a lot
*looks more like his dad than anyone
*sleeps through the night
*takes two naps a day
*always dances
*peek-a-boo is a favorite
*watches videos and TV (especially Dora and Diego)
*has an extremely high-pitched squeal when he is super excited
*loves food and wants to eat constantly
*chews you out with jabber talk if you don't give it to him fast enough
*likes balls and toys with wheels so he can spin them
*puts his right pointer finger in his mouth everytime we pick him up and hold him
*loves his pacifier
*enjoys going for walks
*has a cute toothy-grin

Carter is a joy to have in our family. It just keeps getting better and better!
Happy 1st Birthday Carter!!!!

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