Friday, August 26, 2011

Our trip to the ER

Today hasn't been the best day. This morning I took the boys to my parents' home. I was chatting with my parents, and couldn't hear the boys. Silence. Mom's usually know if it is quiet, something is going on. I went to look for the boys. I found both of them in the master bathroom. Cannon was licking his lips while holding a bottle of blue gel cap Sleep Aid pills. Not good. I asked him if he ate any. He said he had four over and over again. My mom said quite a pills were missing from the bottle (about four or five 50 mgs). I called my sister who is an ER Pediatric nurse in Atlanta. She told me to call Poison Control and gave me their number. I called and the lady on the phone seemed VERY concerned! She told me to take him to the ER immediately. I left Carter with my parents (later my sister went and got him from them), and called Curtis to have him meet me at the ER. We got right in because poison control told EIRMC we were coming. I thought Cannon would go to sleep, but children react the opposite with Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) in them. He was HYPER and GRUMPY!!! The staff watched him and his heart. Luckily they didn't have to pump his stomach. I usually don't mind hospitals...but it is totally different when it is your child there!! Scary!! I can think of many other ways I'd rather spend three or four hours of my day. I can also think of many other ways I'd rather spend my money (and yes, we do have insurance...I just hate paying for stuff that's not fun). ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Josh Groban Concert

*Be sure to PAUSE my playlist at the bottom of this blog so you can hear Josh sing, "You are Loved".

Back in March, I heard that Josh Groban was going to be in Salt Lake City at the Energy Solutions Center on Aug. 13th. I told Curtis about it. Curtis had already been to a Josh Groban concert a few years back with a I told him it was my turn.:) Luckily, Curtis wanted to go again...since he likes Josh's music. We went and had a GREAT time! The majority of the crowd consisted of single girls (hoping and dreaming that Josh would one day date them or marry them) and older couples. There is just something that girls love about guys that can sing...and sing well. In all reality, if you have a significant other that sings - he doesn't write songs about you and sing love songs to you all day. I married a guy like that...he doesn't really sing that much around me. Humph! Go figure!

We went to the concert and left the boys with Curtis's sister, Becky and her family. Those boys loved hanging out with their cousins! :) Thanks you Becky and Dan!!! It is nice to have a date every once in a while! Everyone needs to do it!

The concert was SUPER good! Josh G. is a smart guy - you can tell by his vocabulary. Also, he is SO musically talented!!! Not only did he sing with that amazing voice of his, but he played the piano and the drums!!! It isn't fair that one person got so much talent! Next time Josh Groban is in your area...I would recommend going to his concert!!! Also, he sounds the same in person as he does on his CD's...which is rare these days with artists (and the digitized stuff with technology).

One of my favorite blogs!!

My in-laws have a business called Fin Fun Mermaid tails (I mentioned this a while back explaining how they were featured as one of NieNie's favorite summer items). Anyway... I am my in-laws marketing person. I was THRILLED when one of my favorite blogs agreed to do a post and giveaway! Click on the link below to go and enter the mermaid tail giveaway!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer 2011

Cannon and Carter at Funland on the airplane.

The plane and train were a toss-up for 1st place. They loved them both equally!

We have spent many days at this little park.

Cannon and Curtis on the 4-wheeler at the Browning Reunion.

Carter just goin along for the ride!

Cannon enjoying the pond at the Browning Reunion by Heise Hot Springs.

Cousin Jake and Cannon would constantly cruise around on grandma's jazzy (due to Jake's broken leg).

Wrestle time!

A BIG brother hug!