Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Jessie, Bessie, Gary, and Steve Holtom *Sorry the pic is so little.

"However much we believe in angels, we ought to believe in them more than we do, for they truly do 'encamp round about' us and they regularly protect and deliver us in many different ways." - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

The picture above is of my Grandma Bessie holding my dad when he was a baby. The little boy is my Uncle Gary, and the man is my Grandpa Jessie Everett. I never met my Grandpa, he passed away a few years before I was born. I remember my Grandma Bessie VERY well! Often times I would spend Friday nights spending the night at her little, white, humble house in Iona, ID. On Friday nights I remember watching the show, "Dallas" while enjoying root beer floats and homemade cookies she made but stored in her deep freeze in the basement.  She made fantastic rolls when we had family dinners. I read in her journal that she had the goal of doing 365 temple sessions in one year. Grandma accomplished that and then some. Many times she would do three or four sessions in a row. She chopped and stacked wood in her 90's. She drove around a white Chrysler/Dodge Aries car when she could have had something nicer. She was a saver. She mowed her big yard with a push mower in her 90's. She loved to work in her yard and plant flowers. Grandma worked 30 + years in a potato plant sorting potatoes. Needless to say, Grandma Bessie was a HARD WORKER!! In fact, I remember her offering to help me correct papers my first year of teaching while she was in a nursing home. The reason she was in a nursing home was because she had fallen outside one May evening in her yard to turn off her outside hose. Her hip was broken and she stayed outside all night until a couple drove by and saw her lying on the ground. I rode in the ambulance with her and asked her what she did all night.?. She said she was a bit chilly, but that she slept some but mostly prayed and prayed. Grandma was a woman of faith! Her temple goal was a good example, and she was very diligent in the gospel! She insisted that her three sons (Uncle Dave wasn't born yet in the above picture) go to church and mutual - even if it meant when the front headlights to the car weren't working - she had her boys sit on the hood with flashlights so she could make sure they went to mutual. All three of her sons were bishops and when the last son got his call, she said, "It's about time." :) She had high expectations in the right areas!

I have no doubt that my grandma is one of my angels. In fact, I know she is around me a lot - especially when I am working in my yard. I dug up some of her bulbs and planted them in my yard. They are a gift! Curtis and I often smell my Grandpa too (my mom's dad). I have a friend, Darrell, who I know has been by my side in many instances. These angels are around...everyone has angels. I know it, and they do deliver and protect us!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year!! Hope 2013 is what YOU make of it!! New Year's is a good time to reflect on our lives and decide what we need to change and fix and start anew. I wish you the best in what you are working on to become a better YOU!

I have a favor to ask of you.?. Curtis and I have a nephew, Preston (6) who was admitted to Primary Children's Hospital on Christmas Day due to E Coli. Preston was so, so sick - in fact, there was a time they didn't think he would make it. However, as the days go by, he is slowly improving. Thank goodness for that, but he is still in the hospital. Then yesterday, Jan. 1st, Emma (9), our niece, and Preston's older sister was admitted to Primary Children's also because of E Coli. Talk about a trying holiday season for their immediate family. This is the favor I am asking...could you include the Eric & Jana Browning family in your prayers? Prayers for the sick children, prayers for the other family members who are tired? Prayers to give them all strength? Thank you!! Their family blog:

Just a few days ago, I started reading the book, "For Times of Trouble - Spiritual Solace from the Psalms" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland - an apostle of the Lord. I have been dissecting this book, underlining what stands out to me. Basically, Elder Holland breaks down the Psalms. So far, this is what I have gained from the book:

-God always hears our prayers and He always answers them.
-Heavenly Father is on our side.
-Everyone goes through times of trouble. No one is immune. Even though you think that one family or one person has no trials...everyone does.
-Some of our tribulations come from breaking commandments, but not all do.
-If we feel discouraged or depressed, we need to go to the temple.
-Every great cause requires vision. We need to see where we are going.
-Our purpose in life is to grow more and try and gain more faith, hope, charity, patience, perseverance, and strength.
-All of us can listen and respect our children.
-Strive to live within your means.
-Choose to be on the good side.
-Happiness at home is the greatest joy of all.
-Hang in there.
-It will be all right in the end. All trials, struggles do eventually end.