Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baby Browning #4

This pic is of Baby Browning #4. I am due Jan. 1st, 2014 (but I have a feeling I can have my doctor induce me at the end of Dec....since my doctor is in our ward and sits right behind us in Sacrament Mtg.). ;) So when I found out I was pregnant, I am not going to lie...I was depressed and overwhelmed. It was hard for me to get motivated to do anything. This baby was a total shocker...I personally didn't want any more children because I have my hands full with three, young boys. However, Heavenly Father knows what we can handle more than we know. I feel old. No, really, I do. I always tell Curtis I feel like I am a body doesn't feel healthy. That could be because this is my fifth pregnancy (had a miscarriage before Christian was born) in five years, and all the nutrients have been sucked out of me. My body hasn't had time to replenish. I am now considered "high-risk" because I will be 35 next month. Eeks! 

So, I went to the doctor when I was almost 12 weeks pregnant ( I like to wait to go to the doctor). Got the ultra-sound and the tech said she was 80% sure it is a girl. She has been doing it for 30 plus years. I am taking it and running with it...if it turns out to be a boy, oh well, we know boys well (and have plenty of boy stuff). ;) With this pregnancy, it has been different than when I was pregnant with the boys. I was sicker with the boys - nauseated a lot more. Yes, I have waves of nausea, but overall, not too bad. The struggle I have had is exhaustion. I am completely drained. I know people are tired when they are pregnant, but this is way worse than how it was with the boys. My energy level just drops with each passing minute in the day. I am usually in bed to go to sleep for the night by 8p.m. As far as cravings go, I am constantly thinking about food and what sounds good. I think about food way more than I should. I like Carino's green salads, orange chicken, turkey sandwiches, orange juice, watermelon (same cravings as I had with Christian). Grateful it is a girl because I didn't have a boy name picked out. I do have a girl name...and it doesn't start with the letter "C". ;)

Let me admit this...I am a little scared to have a girl. I am not good at doing hair, and I don't know how to apply make-up. This girl will probably wear a ponytail a lot. I have no desire for my daughter to be in beauty pageants or anything of that sort.;) So many people have told me that girls create a lot of drama...oh dear! I do know one thing...this little girl will have three older brothers to protect her and help her. They have already been talking about her, and they love her!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fears and Phobias

We have all been asked what our fears and phobias are at some time during our lives. I have the typical fears and phobias - fear of drowning, fear of burning, fear of a child dying, the phobia of finding hair in my food, etc. I have one that Curtis thinks is just downright weird. I have a major fear/phobia of big, juicy, bubbly, wide bums. No lie! Kim Kardashian's backside totally grosses me out (and it's even worse now that she is pregnant)...I have to look away. Literally. The above picture makes me cringe. I know she can't help it, and that's how she was made, but there is something that really repulses me about it. What are your unique fears/phobias? ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Christian is 9 months

Christian, our sweet baby boy is 9 months old...already!!! He is an angel baby!!! We sure do love having him in our family...he has such a sweet demeanor and personality!!! Let's just say his personality isn't as "intense" as his older brothers' personalities...and I am okay with that!!! It's actually kind of nice to have someone who is low-key. ;) Christian loves to smile, have books read to him, dance, go for walks in the stroller, and eat applesauce. He makes us smile!!! Happy 9 months little guy!!!