Thursday, January 9, 2014

Creighton Thomas Browning

Right after Creighton Thomas was born.

Cannon, Carter, and Christian meeting Creighton for the first time at the hospital. Best Brothers EVER! :)

So innocent and new.

Dr. Christensen is all of the boys' doctor and also our stake president.

The hospital provided this cute little hat. Creighton was the first to get this style. What a stud!

He loves this soft, fluffy blanket. It is like he is sleeping on a cloud.

Loves his paci!

Sleepy little puppy.

At the hospital right after a bath. His fluffy hair is just too cute! An angel sent straight from heaven - so innocent and pure.

I now have a carload of four boys. How did that happen? :)

Creighton's selfie at one week old. His hair is kinda greasy in this picture. Note: Pictured with his fluffy blanket he enjoys so much.

Welcome to our family - Creighton Thomas Browning!!! Creighton (pronounced Cray-ton....just like the university in Nebraska) was a last name on my mom's mom's (my grandma's) side way back. Thomas was my mom's dad's middle name (my grandpa's middle name).  Creighton is our fourth boy and is a joy!!! He came into the world on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014. I was due Jan. 1st. I was going to be induced on the 1st, but the hospital was too the 2nd it was! Pretty sure I would have gone on my own within the next day or two...I was that far along. This was by definitely my best labor and delivery I have had, BY FAR! Best recovery too! I was hooked up with pit at 9:30 am and had him at 2:13 pm. In the past, it was an all day event...into the night. So much better this time. I was in some serious pain before I got my epidural (at a 7 - way far along for me without having an epidural). Then Creighton came within 5 minutes after I got my was so fast for me. :) He was 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long. He is such a sweetie. He doesn't cry much, and so far...(knock on wood) he is easy going. Going from three boys to four boys is a huge adjustment. Whenever they (meaning Creighton and Christian) sleep, I am trying to catch up on everything - picking up toys, doing laundry, dishes, etc. Survival mode is what I am in right now. :) We are grateful this little guy belongs to our family! We can't tell who he looks like - it's different everyday. And we get asked constantly, "Did all of your boys have that much hair?" Yes, all of our boys have been born with lots of hair - having heartburn and your child must not be a myth cause I have sure had heartburn with each one. :)