Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here we go again!

So.... yeah, I am going through the exact same thing as last year...I'm pregnant and tired. No, I'm not complaining, I'm excited for another little one even though I know it will be very difficult to take care of a 1 year-old and a newborn. Somehow, we will manage. This pregnancy actually has been a little easier. I'm not as sick as I was with Cannon. In fact, I'm not really sick anymore, just full of fatigue. The crazy thing is that this baby is due on Cannon's exact 1st Birthday - Oct. 21st. We know this baby is supposed to be in our family at this time, we have no doubt about that! Cannon will be a great big brother -- I know it!!! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Before we let Cannon see what the Easter Bunny brought him,Curtis read from the scriptures and explained the Resurrection to him. You can never start too early! :) Although the Easter Bunny brought Cannon lots of candy (which I have eaten most of), a summer outfit, and a BIG insect book. The book was by far his favorite gift!

The little guy in his Easter outfit for church. He actually was pretty good in Sacrament meeting. Usually, he is naughty and likes it when he is taken out- he has caught on already. :)

I just took this picture of the two of us because Curtis was already at church - you know, church meetings every Sunday morning.

We had a great Easter, hope you did too!