Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween twenty-ten

*Curtis and I at the Ward Halloween party. He is a "Mail Model" a costume he made up himself. And that one recognized him with it on. When they finally figured out who he was, they thought he looked 23 yrs. old. Now he is seriously considering a hair transplant. ;)P.S. I am NOT a pregnant witch despite the puffiness look in my stomach area...I blame the dress.

Cannon on the left as a hamburger or "Donald's" as he would say, and Carter as a monkey on the right. Poor Carter gets the hand-me-down costumes from his brother every year. I guess I can keep doing that until he actually cares. This year for Halloween we went to our ward party which consisted of a trunk-or-treat, dinner, and carnival. We had to go...I am the head activities' committee chairperson (huge turnout...which was a good thing).:)Then we went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. We went pretty early (5 P.M.) so we could be home to pass out candy. The weather was beautiful...couldn't have asked for a more perfect Halloween night. My favorite part was when Cannon would knock on the door if the people wouldn't answer the door fast enough for him (after we had already rang the doorbell). He caught on pretty quickly as to what we were doing...getting treats.
P.S. We CAN NOT get Cannon to smile for the camera. No he doesn't have a horrible childhood, and yes, he does smile at home all the time!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happy halloween

What's your favorite or least favorite part about Halloween?
Is it the dressing up?
All the candy?
The many parties?
Fall weather?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Piece of Cake

We just celebrated Cannon and Carter's birthdays (since they were born 366 days apart - Oct. 21st '08 & Oct. 22nd '09). And I must is REALLY FUN (and easier) to have a two-day celebration!! It's like they both get two birthdays in a row!

- throw one party (at least while they are little)
- send out invitations once
- make two cakes at the same time
- decorate once
- go shopping all at once
- clean up after the party once
- put a TON of presents away once. Everyone was so generous...the boys love all their presents! Thank you!

Overall, the birthday stuff was "A piece of cake" (okay, kinda lame/cheesy, but I'm stickin' with it). Enjoy the picture overload!

Trying to get Carter to not touch the fire yet blow out the candle.;)

A party with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Thanks for coming! Carter screaming with his Happy 1st Birthday hat! Perfect!;)

A Mickey Mouse themed party (even though Cannon really wanted a Team Umizoomi Party. We went with Mickey because A) it is easier to find stuff with Mickey and B) not many people even know about Team Umizoomi. Can you tell he was like..."Get this off of me?"

A really quick snapshot with Mickey ears since neither of my boys will wear hats.

Cannon blowing out his candles with cousins close by coaching/cheering him on.

Friday, October 22, 2010

HaPPY BiRTHdaY to OUR FaVoRiTe OnE - yEaR oLd!

Birthday pancake with morning bedhead!
Enjoying a day at the park.
Carter brand new! :)

Happy Birthday to Carter Everett Browning!! He such a little cutie!

Here are some fun facts about our Carter-Boy (A.K.A Squeaky):

*has chubby, soft, irresistable cheeks
*likes to wave
*knows the sounds to the letters: a,c, and s. When he does the "ssss" he has a little lisp. Very cute!
*follows his brother around
*loves music
*talks/jabbers a lot
*looks more like his dad than anyone
*sleeps through the night
*takes two naps a day
*always dances
*peek-a-boo is a favorite
*watches videos and TV (especially Dora and Diego)
*has an extremely high-pitched squeal when he is super excited
*loves food and wants to eat constantly
*chews you out with jabber talk if you don't give it to him fast enough
*likes balls and toys with wheels so he can spin them
*puts his right pointer finger in his mouth everytime we pick him up and hold him
*loves his pacifier
*enjoys going for walks
*has a cute toothy-grin

Carter is a joy to have in our family. It just keeps getting better and better!
Happy 1st Birthday Carter!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

HaPPy BiRTHdaY to OUR FaVoRiTe TwO - YeAr OLd

Newborn Cannon
Cannon at age 1.

So...this picture portrays Cannon very well...he has a love for books and learning! We read EVERY, SINGLE, DAY (and sometimes the same books over and over and over)! The boy is a little sponge and just wants to absorb everything!

Here are some tidbits about Cannon at the age of two:

-pretty much wants pancakes every morning
-is really good with his younger brother (isn't mean to him, and tries to help him)
-still watches videos and TV quite a bit (current fav: Team Umizoomi)
-knows his colors, vowels, identifies the alphabet, animal sounds, can count by 2's up to 20 and can count normally from 1-20, likes to count backwards, can read some, knows his shapes really well including: triangle, square, rectangle, oval, circle, crescent, pentagon, octagon, semi-circle, etc.
-likes to look at the stars and moon outside at night
-likes to jump on trampolines
-loves music and likes to sing:"Twinkle, Twinkle", "If You're Happy", "Itsy-Bitsy Spider", "Follow the Prophet", etc.
-loves McDonald's
-is very obedient when it comes to staying on his chair for timeout (and gives the best hugs afterwards)
-eats anything that is sweet
-stays away from peanuts and peanut butter
-takes two naps a day
-likes animals
-has his favorite "blanket" he sleeps with
-likes to go to the park and go up and down the slide by himself
-loves strawberry milk
-isn't attached to me or Curtis...we can leave and he is fine (doesn't cry)
-likes to try and help mom mow the lawn and feels like a big boy while doing it
-loves the computer
-is a leader to his younger brother
-whenever he wants us to follow him he will say, "C,mon team!"
-loves the temple (always talks about how pretty and white it is and Angel Moroni - Cannon often wants to drive by the temple or stop and walk around the temple grounds)

We sure enjoy having Cannon in our family! He brightens our lives!!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Cannon Boy!!!