Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

For Mother's Day this year, I asked for one thing in particular...a new lawn mower.  Sounds like a Father's Day gift, huh?  I didn't need a new lawn mower because the one we had was just fine and did a good job. It was just a little slow. I knew I could cut my mowing time in half if I had a faster machine. Curtis wanted to get me a riding lawn mower...but honestly, I didn't want one. I like the lines on the grass that the regular mowers make. Weird? Maybe. I can't wait until I can mow this week! Yes, I insist on mowing our lawn because I honestly enjoy it!*Image below not of the exact lawn mower I got.
Throughout the week I had been sort of buying myself Mother's Day gifts. Curtis told me too. :) Two years ago I got some Asic running shoes. I used to be a Nike sort-or-gal...because of the looks and the brand. Not so much anymore. I am about comfort and Asics are awesome! My two year-old Asics were used and I got myself some new Asics. *Image is exactly the pair I bought.
Lately, I can only think about food. And it is kinda driving me crazy! Anyway, I think about Orange Dream Machines from Jamba Juice a TON!!! So...I also got a gift card from Curtis and the boys. I recommend you go get a Jamba soon and have them add a vitamin boost to it! P.S. If you get one, substitute it as one of your meals. So many people think a Jamba is a snack. NO WAY! It has way too many calories to just be a should count as a meal!
I was also surprised from my boys with these nummy sugar cookies from Mrs. Powell's...
And during the week I got myself a pound of these bad boys and had them eaten in a day...yes ONE DAY!! I told you I can't stop thinking about food...particularly sweets!!! But that's nothing really new...;) I am like that pregnant or not pregnant.
Was given breakfast in bed...with a delicious cinnamon roll. Yum!
I am grateful to be a mom! It is by far the hardest job/task/assignment/calling I have ever had, but it is the most rewarding and beneficial!! My boys keep me busy and are constantly asking questions, like today...Cannon asked why the google sign was different (it had the letters as people and a flower for Mother's Day). I told him they change it on holidays. I am grateful we have holidays to celebrate...especially mothers because they do so much!! I am thankful for all of the mothers in my life and the influence they have had on me!!! Thank you mothers everywhere!!!