Saturday, July 31, 2010

Browning Reunion twenty ten

Me and the boyzzzzzz!

Our little family on Browning Road

All three of the boyzzz!

Walking on the bridge over the creek

Cousins Preston and Macy - so funny those two...

Cousin "Prep" with Cannon

This year's Browning Reunion was in Island Park in a cabin on Browning Road. Here is what we did in no particular order:
-chased after Cannon
-witnessed an AWESOME talent show (I married into an amazingly talented group of performers!)
-went to the Playmill Theatre in West Yellowstone and watched "The Beauty and the Beast" which was VERY good! Ate the fudge...of course!
-chased after Carter crawling around
-went to Quake Lake
-chased Cannon some more since he is obsessed with water and there was a little creek behind the cabin (scary with a little boy so aware of it and wanting it!)
-ate food and more food
-enjoyed listening to the Browning's and their new business idea/venture they want to pursue
-ran after Carter again and again
-went for a walk down Browning Road
-Curtis scored some SAWEET new jeans from his sister Becky's husband...Thanks Becky!
-worked on the Curtis & Adie flag
-forgot my swimming suit so I couldn't get in the hot tub ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've changed...for today anyway

So I am the type of person who really doesn't like food...yes, you read that right. I don't particularly crave food, but I sure do love sweets! My diet pretty much consists of sweet drinks (pop,juices,etc.), candy, and desserts. I snack on sweets all day and don't really want a REAL meal. Pathetic...yes, I know. Today has been different though. I made steamed carrots for lunch and can't get enough of them (I hated any sort of cooked carrots when I was younger). I've changed...for today anyway. What veggies do you like to steam?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hurried Child is a Stressed Child

This video has a fantastic message...slow down - enjoy life and enjoy your children! It is also interesting that this is little Preslee who just passed away last week. Remember: Go down to my playlist (which is black) and turn the volume down before you push play on this youtube video.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Date Night

Curtis and I for date night (while the boyz were asleep) made a red velvet cake. We made it, and gave it away. It was fun...especially since Curtis cleaned up the kitchen.;)Also, it seems like in the last few pics of me on this blog I am wearing a hat...weird - I don't wear hats that often.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pros & Cons

I am definitely not in the running for the MOTHER of the YEAR contest/award/certificate/position/title(whatever you want to call it), but my kids can do a few other things that are positive. *Disclaimer - some of the pros are really cons.

Con: My boys watch A LOT of TV...not a good thing (hence the pic of them in their little blue chairs in front of the tube).
Pro: But... it has been beneficial because they are really learning so much! Cannon knows the alphabet, recognizes letters, knows his sounds, can read "Stop", "Best", etc. He can count to 20 and can count from 10 to 0 backwards.He can identify triangles, squares, circles and ovals. Pretty much knows all the animals and the sounds they make. Recognizes fruits and can say their names. He is working really hard on his colors. Not bad for a 20 month old! Talks about the toilet and flushing it, but I haven't really seen any signs of potty-training yet - darn! Carter can say,"Da-da".

Pro: Awwww!! Look at the baby who can help mommy out and put himself in the swing, put the tray down and turn the dials to actually make it swing!
Con: Still has a bottle - yep, that's right and he is 20 months! Oh well...but every time I give him one he says, "Thank you!"

Pro: We got to go out and go to the parade!!How fun and entertaining! ;)They are partially shaded...
Con: Shhhh! Don't turn me in, I never put sunscreen on them!!

Pro: He is actually wearing shoes! Big step for a boy who hates to wear shoes! I blame it on the Robeez he wore when he first learned to walk, now he hates to wear shoes (and I don't really enforce it).
Con: He is wearing dinosaur boots that are too big! He might trip and hurt himself! P.S. I know the cloth on the ends of the gate are really tacky by the staircase, but we don't want to ruin/scratch the new wood. Do you blame me?

Pro: Cannon is right now eating homemade chocolate chip cookies I just made and drinking "straw-milk" (strawberry milk)...such a good mom. ;)
Con: It is a little after 6 p.m. and he still hasn't eaten dinner.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

I think I need to watch this video every few days for a reminder.
Remember: scroll down to my playlist of music and turn the volume down before you click on play on this video.