Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday to Creighton!

Creighton's 1st birthday was on January 2, 2015! I still can't believe he is one! That year flew by!

He was thrilled that we sang, "Happy Birthday" to him first thing in the morning with his birthday donut!

Leah Stallings took his newborn pictures and his 1st year pictures. He was kind of shy about digging into that yummy cake. I love his skinny jeans with his little belly rolling over his pants. ;)

Creight-the-Great is such a happy, easy-going, little guy! He just goes along with the flow. He crawls around on the floor most days just playing with toys. He doesn't demand to be held. He likes to keep up with his brothers. He also likes to watch Baby Einstein shows too. ;) What a handsome little stud!

As a family we went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday celebration. All of the workers and people in the restaurant said, "Yeehaw" to him...scared him to death, hence the face. He hardly ever cries. Cannon and Carter were having a great time on the saddle.

Creighton also known as...MuMu, Creigh, Creight, and Little Guy in our household is pure joy to have in our family! Such an easy baby...what a blessing! He smiles a lot and is content. Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie!:)