Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quirmy is 14 weeks old!

I can't believe it! Cannon is growing up so quickly - he is already three and a half months old! In case you are confused by the title, let me clarify. Quirmy is what I call Cannon - you know how you give your children little nicknames.?. I have chosen Quirmy - I just took the "S" off of Squirmy. I have been calling him that since he was maybe two weeks old. It is to the point where people in my family call him by his nickname and not his real name. Curtis keeps saying, "We better start calling him Cannon or he'll think his name is Quirmy." I'm trying really hard, but it's tough.

Here are a few of the things Quirmy (oops! I mean Cannon) loves in his ripe ol' age of 14 weeks:

*Baby Einstein (we already knew that one)
*Books (The book: What Makes A Rainbow? is his fav - Thanks Brooke!)
*His Dad
*Baths (kicking and splashing)
*His hand to suck on (oh great!)
*Tummy time (okay, not exactly his favorite)
*Reaching for things
*Being held close and being cuddled
*Being held facing out so he can see what's going on
*Music - especially having us sing to him (favorites: Old MacDonald, Popcorn Popping, Once There was a Snowman,If You're Happy and You Know It, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, I Lived in Heaven, I Am Like a Star, etc. You get the idea.)
*Stiffening his legs and leaning back not wanting to sit up
*His bouncy chair - even though he is a little too little for it (see above)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Three!!

Here is our little family of three as snowmen. Curtis is on the right with the grey scarf, I'm on the left with my black scarf (my favorite color), and Baby Cannon is the baby snowman with the baby hat.:) We all made our own - except for Cannon. He was too busy watching his favorite show - yep, Baby Einstein, so I made his for him.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eye Color??

So when is it that you officially, officially know what color of eyes your baby is going to have for life?? I always hear different times - 3 months, 2 months, 1 year, etc., etc., etc. It's funny because one person will say, "Oh, I think Cannon is going to have brown eyes. They are looking brown to me - especially in the light." Then someone the next day will say, "What color are his eyes going to be? I think they are going to be blue. Yes, they are going to be blue." I still don't know but I think they are going to be either blue or brown - still can't tell. You would think they would be brown because it is a more dominate gene. I have brown eyes, Curtis has blue eyes. Every grandchild on Curtis' side has blue eyes with the exception of one - Elise. She does not want to give up her title of being the only grandchild on the Browning side who has brown eyes. I was just kind of hoping Cannon's eyes would be brown because he is a BROWNing. In all reality it does not matter. I'm just grateful he has eyes and he can see. Check out the pictures below and tell me what color of eyes you think he will have.

Oh and P.S. - Nevermind that my head is chopped off in the picture with me in it.

Friday, January 2, 2009