Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012 Recap

Carter wanted nothing more than to get a train table from Santa. Santa was feeling generous and got him his wish. Christmas morning he sure was excited!!

I always outline the windows in our living room with the Christmas cards we receive. I am happy to report we ended up with more Christmas cards to totally outline the windows. There is just something  special about checking your mailbox at Christmas time!

It's a tradition for our little family to go to Salt Lake City in December and look at the temple square lights and stay at Little America. We love the food at Little America and the boys love to swim in the pool. When we were in line for the breakfast buffet, a man behind us had all of his adult children with him. He told us how it has always been his family's tradition too. He says they always look forward to it, and that we need to continue it. When the boys were swimming at the pool, Curtis ran into his old neighbors growing up and all of their adult children - The Hills. It was fun for him to chat with all of them. Here we are at City Creek watching the fountain/water show.

Cannon's preschool class had a little Christmas program. Curtis volunteered to be Santa for all of the kids. Luckily, Cannon didn't recognize his dad! Whew!

The boys on Christmas morning in their Christmas pajamas.

Me and Christian shopping at the mall doing a little Christmas shopping!:) We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas spending time with loved ones and reflecting on the birth of our Savior!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This is a picture I took of our paper plates...yes, Christmas paper plates. I saw some candy canes on the counter and made them into a heart...I have always loved how two candy canes can create a heart. Of all the words on the paper plate, JOY stood out to me. I put the heart representing LOVE over JOY. I LOVE JOY...who doesn't!?! When I hear or think of the word JOY, I think it means even more than is better than happiness! Here is a list of things that bring me JOY in my life:

 My little family of five brings me JOY. Yes, the three boys are a handful, and I am guilty of having not very much patience (something I am constantly working on), but they sure do bring JOY into my life when they share or do a kind act or read a book out loud, or say a prayer, smile, listen/behave, or learn something new. Christian is a JOY ---who doesn't LOVE a baby, especially a good baby who is easy-going! Curtis is a JOY to be around! He is easy to talk with and easy to get along one doesn't like Curtis! :) Just a side note: Christmas lights bring me JOY too! Just like the ones on the pine tree behind Cannon and Carter in the above picture.
The temple gives me peace and JOY. I have peace in knowing that my family is an eternal family! What more JOY can you have than that??? I LOVE the Idaho Falls temple! Probably because I am from Idaho Falls and got married/sealed in the Idaho Falls temple.
Jesus Christ, our Savior is the #1 reason why I have so much JOY in my life! I have so many blessings...too many to name, and it is because of HIM! He is the Savior of the world! If we remember to put the following in this particular order in our lives: J - Jesus O - others Y - yourself, we will never go without JOY! We named Christian - Christian because we feel as though people are forgetting Christ. We liked how Christ is in his name, and we hope and pray Christian can be a good example to others, a true Christian, to remind them of our Savior. We wish you JOY and LOVE this Christmas season and all year round!!!

P.S. Here are a few other things that give me JOY (okay, maybe happiness) in my life, but aren't nearly as important as what was mentioned above: my iPhone, instagram, words with friends, candy, restaurants, sleeping in, baths, Christmas cards in the mail, yard work, a newly cleaned - bathroom, fridge, car, etc., music, acts of kindness, good smells,  an organized planner, children's books...and the list goes on and on and on and on....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Be certain you are creating a rich environment in which your family can look forward to special times of the year when traditions hold you together as a great eternal family unit." ~ Elder L. Tom Perry, The Tradition of Light and Testimony, Dec. Ensign 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cutie Christian

Christian says, "Why, hello there! Hope you are having a great day!" Oh, he is such a joy to have in our family!!! He's our little "cutie patootie"!