Friday, May 29, 2009

Cool Dude

Cannon and his sunglasses...that he usually takes right off and chews on.

Cannon getting in his pool (or any pool) for the first time. Once he got in he loved splashing around.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend

The three of us went to Curtis' parents' cabin by Henry's Lake for Memorial Weekend. The view from the cabin of the lake sure is pretty! Didn't get any pictures of the lake, but we did get some pictures while we were at Big Springs feeding the fish. Cannon loved it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cannon @ 7 months

Pictures of our cute, little (actually chunky) Cannon Boy.

Tidbits about Cannon:

*weighs 20 pounds
*loves playing with paper and toys
*can play by himself - doesn't have to have me by him at all times
*mixed berries and bananas baby food is his favorite
*still loves bathtime
*loves Bobbin the cat
*enjoys books
*can't get enough of being outside
*says "dada"
*wrestles with his dad
*puckers lips when really concentrating and focusing
*says "no no" and shakes his head
*isn't crawling, but I'm grateful cause I don't want to chase after him
*content little guy
*still watches Baby Einstein everyday
*gets excited when thrown up in the air
*is happy in the car
*sits up
*still can't tell if he looks like his mom or dad
*likes to sing or be sung to
*is learning sign language

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's a ...


Now Cannon will have a little buddy to play with in October.:) Any good name suggestions??

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love your wife as she is

Yesterday I went to Seagull Book to return a too-large DownEast skirt I got for Mother's Day. As I was walking around looking at what I could get, the sales associate told me to get the book, "Love that Lasts" by Gary and Joy Lundberg because it was good for any relationship - new or old. I was pretty much in a hurry so I got it and left. When I got home I started skimming the book and came across this couple's little scenerio(and P.S. the couple that wrote this are LDS):

"All three kids were finally in bed asleep, including their three-month-old baby, and he and Cynthia were in bed snuggling. There hadn't been much of it since the baby's birth. They were both looking forward to this time together. As Ricky's hands gently touched Cynthia's body, starting at her neck and moving downward, he stopped at her tummy. It felt like bread dough, and he just couldn't resist jiggling it with his open hand. She was crushed and said, "That's it. We're done!" And she rolled over to the other side of the bed. She already felt terrible about the stretched stomach muscles that were sagging on her body. Ricky laughed and said, "C'mon. I was just teasing.""

Ummmm...when I first read that I laughed and laughed. Then I thought, "What a jerk Ricky is. If I had a husband that did something like that I'd be so mad and offended like Cynthia was." Let me know your first reaction when you read Ricky and Cynthia's scenerio. :)

Visiting Cousins

The three of us (or should I say four of us) went to Denver at the end of April to visit the Billat family (my oldest sister's family). Brendon, my oldest nephew had his mission farewell. He is going to the LA - spanish speaking (same mission as Curtis). Cannon was an excellent little trooper. He did very well traveling! It was easier flying with him than I thought it would be.

Cannon loved Cousin Chase's swing! He loved it so much that I bought the exact swing for him when we got home. Cannon likes to sit in it and watch me while I work in the yard.

This is Cousin Chase - A.K.A - Chaser Dude. He is two and talks more than any two year old or three year old I know. He has such a high vocabulary because of all of his older siblings. Thank you to the Billat family for letting us stay with you! Also, thanks to Jared and Kristi for letting us stay such a short time with you!