Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cannon's Baby Announcement

This is the announcement the photographer (Robin Spencer in Rigby - she does great work! I recommend her! us before we approved the printing of the announcements. We let her know that his middle name is spelled Vaughn. She printed them correctly on the cards, this was the preview - that's why it's not spelled correctly on this announcement you are looking at.


Jesse and Ashley Packer said...

I am in love with Cannon! He is so dang cute. I am envious of all of that hair. I have bald babies ;0) I am so glad you found our blog. I have added you on ours as well. Since our family never gets together.... we can at least we can still stay in touch through blogging. I am so addicted. I love it! How is your mom? She has been in our thoughts and prayers! Hope she is alright.

Michaela Billat said...

This is the cutest baby announcement ever!!! i luv the picture with both of ur rings on his toes. What a clever idea well luv ya Michaela