Saturday, February 21, 2009

What do you think of the Rihanna & Chris Brown situation??

Have you seen this picture of Rihanna?? All I can say is Rihanna needs to very fast and far away from Chris Brown!! However, I wouldn't be surprised if she goes back to him. That's how a lot of the girls are in abusive relationships - brainwashed by the loser boyfriend/husband. The guy promises that it will never happen again, and chances are very high that it will happen again and again and again. If Rihanna does leave him for good, don't be surprised to see Chris Brown with a new lady without any delay. Some girl will probably take him just because he is Chris Brown and rich and famous! Sheesh! I do hope that Chris gets help - like counseling. Not only does he need to see a counselor, but she will too. He has affected Rihanna not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. It will take her awhile to heal (maybe even years). No matter what she said to him (or maybe even egged him on), he still did NOT have the right to do that to her!!

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Douglas Holtom said...

Chris should be locked up. Easy as pie!