Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Eva Neona Browning

We welcomed sweet, little Eva Neona to our family! The boys and Curtis absolutely adore her! We named her Eva after my mom's mom and Neona after Curtis's dad's she is named after two of her great-grandmas. Best delivery I have ever had, although pregnancy is much more tiring the older you get, and the more kids you are chasing around all day. ;) Four boys and a little lady -- she's already spoiled! :)
                                                                              Her stats:
                                                                     Eva Neona Browning
                                                                     7 lbs 6 ozs 20 inches
                                                                 March 23, 2016 at 1:39 pm

                                                                     We are so blessed!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday to Creighton!

Creighton's 1st birthday was on January 2, 2015! I still can't believe he is one! That year flew by!

He was thrilled that we sang, "Happy Birthday" to him first thing in the morning with his birthday donut!

Leah Stallings took his newborn pictures and his 1st year pictures. He was kind of shy about digging into that yummy cake. I love his skinny jeans with his little belly rolling over his pants. ;)

Creight-the-Great is such a happy, easy-going, little guy! He just goes along with the flow. He crawls around on the floor most days just playing with toys. He doesn't demand to be held. He likes to keep up with his brothers. He also likes to watch Baby Einstein shows too. ;) What a handsome little stud!

As a family we went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday celebration. All of the workers and people in the restaurant said, "Yeehaw" to him...scared him to death, hence the face. He hardly ever cries. Cannon and Carter were having a great time on the saddle.

Creighton also known as...MuMu, Creigh, Creight, and Little Guy in our household is pure joy to have in our family! Such an easy baby...what a blessing! He smiles a lot and is content. Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie!:)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

7 Years of Marriage

Happy 7th Anniversary to this great guy on Monday the 24th of November! These last seven years have seriously flown by in a flash!

Here are seven reasons why I am grateful to be married to Curtis:

1) He gets up every night if/when the boys wake up. (I know, I am spoiled.)
2) He is a worthy and faithful priesthood holder.
3) He isn't a complainer.
4) He is always willing to serve others.
5) He is very loyal to his immediate and extended family.
6) He always tries to do what is right.
7) He is a great cinnamon roll maker. :)

I married a good one...a really, really good one!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Christian's Hospital Stay

On March 7, 2014 we noticed Christian wasn't feeling well. He slept a lot that day, and just didn't seem like his usual self. That night at around 9:30 p.m. Curtis took Christian to Redi-Care because we felt like it would be a long night if we didn't get the little guy some help. We found out he had a double ear infection so they prescribed some numbing ear drops and amoxicillin. That night was better than we thought. He slept all through the night, but the next day he was especially whiney and clingy. We soon noticed that he was having a really hard time breathing. He was really struggling for air and kept crying. I took him back to Redi-Care where they gave him a breathing treatment and steroids because his oxygen level was 82 when it was supposed to be 95 or above. That didn't help so they sent us to the ER. While in the ER they took x-rays of his lungs and they looked good. They gave him oxygen and an IV. He didn't like either of those so much. They told us we had to stay the night. Curtis stayed the night with him at the hospital so I could stay home with the three other boys. Curtis held Christian the whole night. Christian didn't feel well, plus he didn't like being in a different environment. Christian slept about five hours that night...not too bad. His breathing improved and he was sent home the next day. He was diagnosed with bronchiolitis/coronavirus. We were told to keep him away from Creighton...that has been kind of tough to do. We just hope no one else in the family gets sick! A day after he got home from the hospital, Christian turned 18 months old! We sure love that little guy to the moon and back! :)

Creighton's Blessing

Creighton Thomas was blessed by his dad on Sunday, March 2, 2014. He wore the same outfit as Christian. He was good during the blessing and didn't cry at all. His blessing was a very nice one. We had family come and then after church, we had a meal at our home. It was a great day!

Creighton's special day.

My nieces Ashlyn and Hailey came to the blessing. They drove all the way from Provo, UT. They are attending BYU. It was so good to chat with them! They are beautiful girls on the inside and outside! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Creighton Thomas Browning

Right after Creighton Thomas was born.

Cannon, Carter, and Christian meeting Creighton for the first time at the hospital. Best Brothers EVER! :)

So innocent and new.

Dr. Christensen is all of the boys' doctor and also our stake president.

The hospital provided this cute little hat. Creighton was the first to get this style. What a stud!

He loves this soft, fluffy blanket. It is like he is sleeping on a cloud.

Loves his paci!

Sleepy little puppy.

At the hospital right after a bath. His fluffy hair is just too cute! An angel sent straight from heaven - so innocent and pure.

I now have a carload of four boys. How did that happen? :)

Creighton's selfie at one week old. His hair is kinda greasy in this picture. Note: Pictured with his fluffy blanket he enjoys so much.

Welcome to our family - Creighton Thomas Browning!!! Creighton (pronounced Cray-ton....just like the university in Nebraska) was a last name on my mom's mom's (my grandma's) side way back. Thomas was my mom's dad's middle name (my grandpa's middle name).  Creighton is our fourth boy and is a joy!!! He came into the world on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014. I was due Jan. 1st. I was going to be induced on the 1st, but the hospital was too the 2nd it was! Pretty sure I would have gone on my own within the next day or two...I was that far along. This was by definitely my best labor and delivery I have had, BY FAR! Best recovery too! I was hooked up with pit at 9:30 am and had him at 2:13 pm. In the past, it was an all day event...into the night. So much better this time. I was in some serious pain before I got my epidural (at a 7 - way far along for me without having an epidural). Then Creighton came within 5 minutes after I got my was so fast for me. :) He was 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long. He is such a sweetie. He doesn't cry much, and so far...(knock on wood) he is easy going. Going from three boys to four boys is a huge adjustment. Whenever they (meaning Creighton and Christian) sleep, I am trying to catch up on everything - picking up toys, doing laundry, dishes, etc. Survival mode is what I am in right now. :) We are grateful this little guy belongs to our family! We can't tell who he looks like - it's different everyday. And we get asked constantly, "Did all of your boys have that much hair?" Yes, all of our boys have been born with lots of hair - having heartburn and your child must not be a myth cause I have sure had heartburn with each one. :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

CHRISTmas 2013

There's no place like Idahome for the holidays! Merry Christmas!---Love, The Brownings
Curtis, Adie, Cannon, Carter, Christian, and Boy #4 coming early January
I came up with this card idea and had a lady who is a graphic designer in Utah make the cards for me.
The boys in their matching Christmas pajamas, out outside lights of our house early in the morning, Cannon and Carter hugging each other over the gifts they gave each other, and the tag Cannon wrote for mom. By the way, the gift he gave me was a Christmas tin he found amongst our Christmas storage where he put empty Dove chocolate wrappers with quotes/sayings on the inside foil. Cute. :)

Oh, I just love Carter's protruding little belly that really sticks out when he wears tight shirts. :)

"The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads." Christian sleeping on Christmas Eve. He is such a sweet, happy, easy-going little boy!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We did as we tried to focus more on giving rather than getting, and our Savior's birth. Christmas gifts fade and toys don't always get played with and almost always get forgotten about, but the Savior and His love for us is forever! I have really pondered His birth and life a whole lot more this season because I wonder how Mary felt (as I am due any day with a baby boy) knowing she was going to raise the Son of God, and in humble circumstances. Mary made sacrifices as did Jesus for us. For that, I am eternally grateful for.